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השקנו החודש גרסה משופרת של תוכנת האייפון שלנו. תוכלו להשתמש בספר הטלפונים של הטלפון לשיחות מהתו...  Continue reading

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Belowcall Service operates as a leading division in Shtrudel Group LTD, a leading telecommunication technology company, operating in the fields of ICT for many years and won international prizes for the innovative of her products and services.

Using uniquely designed network suited for BeLowCall users and needs, and a wide coverage thanks to many 1-Class-carriers partners worldwide, we bring the most advanced and stable worldwide infrastructure for international communication, having our network locally operate in all 5 largest continents.

Our Value added services are wide as you can imagine! Voicemail, Voice2mail, Fax2mail, Mail2fax,Dynamic Drag&Drop for building your own IVR menus, change incoming calls by the hours of the day, record your calls, change your greeting and much more.

We promise to continue and offer more innovative ways and free features improving our clients' communication experience.