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BeLowCall Services, lunched on 2007, in order to improve communications services to Israelis living abroad, and to offer attractive packages for customers around the world.

The global communications revolution BeLowCall Brings allows our customers to own an Israeli phone number from every corner of the globe. In addition, global spread access lines allow our customers to call from anywhere to anywhere else in the world at a local call rate, all without the need for passwords, Internet or any external equipment, other than using the existing phone line.

BeLowCall has partnered with leading communication providers world wide in order to guarantee high quality infrastructure around the world, enabling our customers to enjoy a high quality phone line, stability and availability.

The service is simple to use and each customer can manage the his account independently with his browser, while at the same time BeLowCall's skilled and professional customer service is available 24 hours a day to assist in any question.

Striving for technological excellence while maintaining personal attention to each customer and recognizing their unique needs, makes up the vision of BeLowCall and they guide its activity as a rising power in the international communications market.